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As a community of practice we encourage members to share their teaching material.

Looking for sustainability teaching materials to use in the classroom? Our community of practice is dedicated to providing access to materials that our peers in sustainability education can utilise. Search below for teaching materials by academic level, discipline and sustainability issue. You can access ten different types of teaching materials including experiential activities, lecture slides, and assessment tools. Some are only available to registered members of the community of practice. If you are working at an Australian tertiary institution, you can register here.

We welcome you to give feedback to your peers about teaching materials. Comments cannot be seen by unregistered visitors to the site.  In this way educators share and add to each others' teaching materials, under a Creative Commons agreement.

Alternatively you may like to start a discussion about the materials you have uploaded utilising social media- on our LinkedIn site.  

Many educators are passionate about sustainability and increasingly incorporating sustainability into their courses as well as developing new courses dedicated to sustainability. However they are often working alone and recreating the wheel, thinking up class exercises and ways to engage our students with sustainability. Community is a big part of sustainability, wouldn't our work be better and easier if we work together?

If you are a sustainability educator, we encourage you to upload your own teaching materials. You will need to be registered on this site to do so. You might like to submit your materials for the sustainability curriculum award

Your contributions to this site, are protected under the Creative Commons licensing system for the protection of intellectual property. 

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