Call for Participation in the Anthropocene Transition Project (ATP)

This Changes Everything:

Professional and Social Practice in the Anthropocene

The title of Naomi Klein’s acclaimed book on the politics of climate change well sums up the challenge of the Anthropocene. The arrival of the age when human activity has come to dominate and seriously compromise the stability of the Earth System poses fundamental questions for our professions, key cultural, social and economic institutions, our communities, and our systems of governance. In Klein’s words, this changes everything.

This is why the UTS Business School is hosting the Anthropocene Transition Project (ATP) in 2016. The project’s aim is to link Anthropocene-related research with specific areas of professional and social practice in order to explore the nature of the changes required by the Anthropocene Transition.

Two new initiatives are emerging within the Anthropocene Transition Project:

1. Learning 4a Change -- What are the red threads of learning in and for the Anthropocene transition? 

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2. An Anthropocene Values Framework -- What are the core cultural values that can guide present and future generations through the Anthropocene transition?

More information about the project can be found at the Hub for Sustainable Enterprise. To connect with the project, contact Kenneth McLeod at