New Report: Energy productivity skills and training pathway

The Energy Productivity Skills and Training Pathway project report has been published by the Department of the Environment and Energy. It can be accessed at:

This study examined the range of essential skills, knowledge and experience required to provide energy efficiency and energy productivity services, and mechanisms for boosting the level and availability of these competencies in the marketplace.

The study finds that there is a wide range of career paths that can lead to a specialisation in energy productivity. And further, it is likely that no individual will be expert in all aspects of energy productivity, even within a specific sector of the economy such as manufacturing. This reality underlines the importance of multi-disciplinary teams in driving an optimal energy productivity outcome.

In light of this, it is recommended that policymakers, industry bodies, employers and others seeking to boost energy productivity competency in the economy should avoid prescriptiveness about the pathway taken by individuals, instead focusing on the destination – identifying and  supporting the development of the range of competencies necessary to deliver an energy productivity outcome in target economic sectors. This will ensure that a growing pool of practitioners are focussed on the delivery of comprehensive, high value and highly attractive outcomes.