2016 Australian State of the Environment Report

SoE 2016

The Australia State of the Environment (SoE) 2016 Overview was tabled in Parliament on 7 March 2017.

SoE 2016 builds on SoE 2011, which was widely praised for breaking new ground on the scope and depth of its reporting, and for setting a baseline for future comparisons over time. SoE 2016 continues the ‘report card’ assessments of pressures, condition and trends; discussions of risk and resilience; and future projections or ‘outlooks’ that were first implemented in SoE 2011. Additional information has been provided on the methodology and evidence used to make each 2016 assessment, and the comparability of the assessments between 2016 and 2011. SoE 2016 strengthens the ability to track change over time, and the transparency and repeatability of the report-card assessments.

A key innovation in SoE 2016 is the new interactive digital platform, SoE Digital, which provides much greater flexibility for decision-makers, researchers and the public to explore and discover information. The platform allows readers to compare findings with the previous assessment; search for trends in assessments; interact with over 300 maps and graphs; filter the report’s content by theme, trend, topic, grade or reporting framework; and access the data underpinning the graphs and maps.