Sustainable Australia Report 2013 and accompanying resources

On 9 May 2013 The National Sustainability Council presented the Sustainable Australia Report 2013 to the government, reporting on Australia's sustainability across the economy, society and environment.

The report provides a rich teaching resource and an evidence base for decision-making and planning for the future. It highlights a number of trends in Australia and the world that are set to have a significant impact on the next generation of Australians. 



  • Presentation on key findings from the report - John Thwaites ( Visit
  • Sustainable Australia Report 2013 CONVERSATIONS WITH THE FUTURE (PDF, 28.7 MB) Download
  • Website with report summary and related resources and downloads ( Visit

Intended Audience and Usage

The Sustainable Australia Report website contains many useful downloadable packs of charts and figures, presenting data on the sustainability issues and challenges in Australia.

Key sections of the full report are also available as separate files covering:

  • Trends and drivers
  • Past and Future: Snapshots
  • Education
  • Innovation and engagement
  • Planning for an ageing population
  • Sustainable cities
  • Regional Australia
  • Climate change
  • Growth and the environment
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Inequality and disadvantage
  • Sustainability Indicators – Social, Environmental, Economic and Contextual


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