Social Impact Toolkit

"What you do Matters" is a toolkit that includes a facilitators guide and workbook. 

It developed out of a partnership between Cosmopolitan Civil Societies team members (Dr Melissa Edwards, Assoc Prof Nina Burridge and Dr Hilary Yerbury) and the City of Sydney (Susana Ng and Ian Hay).

The kit is framed using appreciative inquiry and design thinking to assist community based organisations to develop a plan and indicators to measure the social impact of their projects. 

The outcome of this module is the development of a social impact plan. 


Intended Audience and Usage

Both of these have been designed to be introductory and to be implemented through workshop design. It can be used in adult education courses related to social enterprise or non-profit organisations. The facilitators guide has been designed with the first time facilitator in mind. It is a step-by-step guide.


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