Podcast: Circular Sydney

This is a podcast series develop as part of the 2018 Ellen McArthur Foundation Disruptive Innovation Festival.

The podcast design was created by Drs Melissa Edwards and Paul Brown from the UTS Centre for Business and Social Innovation who facilitate a research project on the Circular Economy. The podcast was developed, created and edited by UTS BCII  graduates Hannah Mullen and Sophia Chrysanthos.

It is a 5-part series in which we explore the topic:

If we've known about all things Circular Economy for decades, why has adoption into policy and business practice taken much longer? Businesses in Australia have been driving the change, but now the landscape is changing as new policy frameworks are being developed by state governments). When collaboration is key, we talk to leading researchers, policy makers and businesses to find out how we might encourage a common approach, within and across industries, to transition to a circular economy. Can we have a Circular Sydney?

Part One: Circular Economy Intro, Thriving & Abundance

Introduction – Hannah Mullen, BCII Graduate

Introduction – Dr Melissa Edwards, Senior Lecturer UTS

Overview – Candice Quartermain, Circular Economy Australia.


Part Two: Sharing Economy, Environmental Externalities & Regulation

Claire Marshall – The Sharing Map Sydney, Research Associate UTS

Prof Cameron Tonkinwise – Director of Interdisciplinary Design, UTS

Jess Miller – Councillor City of Sydney


Part Three: Product Stewardship, Corporate action & Collaboration

Brooke Donnelley - CEO for the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation

Helen Lewis – Eco-design and Product Stewardship Consultant, Adjunct Professor, Institute for Sustainable Futures


Part Four: A foucs on Circular Fashion 

Grahan Ross - Co-Founder BlockTexx and Founder/CEO Kasuga Ahlethica

Camille Reed - Founder of the Australian Circular Fashion Alliance

Part Five: Academic Discussion Of Key Topics in the Circular Sydney Podcast

Dr Paul Brown - Senior Lecturer, UTS Faculty of Transdsiciplinary Innovation & UTS Business School

Dr Melissa Edwards - Senior Lecturer, UTS Business School 



Intended Audience and Usage

These podcasts could be used to give students an overview of issues and opportunities related to the Circular Economy.


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