Oceanic Living Data: Visualising the global ecosystem

Oceanic Living Data is an animation that visualises how the global ecosystem comprises many parts. It is the result of conversations between scientists and artists. Scientific stories and data are combined with sensory expressions of connection to the natural world:

The animation was first presented at the 2012 Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting to engage policy makers in climate science stories. Original chorography by Caterina Mocciola and music composed by VOA (Benn DeMole & Catriona Davies) later combined with the animation for presenting  Oceanic Sydney, a Living Data performance installation at Customs House, Sydney.

Key data and iconography come from the University of Technology (UTS), the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) and visual and performing artists around the world. The story was composed by artist Lisa Roberts, krill biologist Steve Nicol and the co-coordinator of Lynchpin, the Ocean Project, Sue Anderson.


    Intended Audience and Usage

    This visualisation is useful for all levels of teaching and learning about the changing climate.


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