The Greening of Business - Syllabus

This is a syllabus for an undergraduate course, "The Greening of Business".

Course Learning Objectives 

Throughout this course, students will:

  • learn to recognize societal and environmental change factors that could affect them and their businesses in the near-term future and beyond and to match these with appropriate business leadership and/or adaptation responses;
  • work both individually and with one another to develop options in both business practice content and process to enhance business organization sustainability; and, 
  • develop awareness, knowledge, and skills to analyze and select those options which appear to best advance both the  business sector’s and society’s socio-economic and environmental sustainability values.

Includes Course Session Topics, Readings, and Assignments.


  • The Greening of Business - Syllabus
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Intended Audience and Usage

Helpful resource in planning course content and suitable reference material and assesment tasks. 


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