EfS Reflections and Outlook

Prof Geoff Scott outlines key challenges for EfS in Australia and sets the context for discussion in relation to the trends and achievements both locally and overseas.

This is summarised in 2 videos and a set of notes:

In EfS Video 1: Prof Scott outlines four pillars and four areas of application for the implementation of EfS in higher education - he sets the context of his presentation around six key themes. He then outlines key achievements on EfS to date.

In EfS Video 2: In part 2 of the presentation Prof Scott outlines the key challenges to EfS implementation and proposes fives ways forward.


  • EfS keynote outline
  • EFS Video 1
  • EfS Video 2
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Intended Audience and Usage

These notes are intended to be read in conjunction with the videos by Geoff Scott.

After watching the videos and reading the brief notes, please share your thoughts to the following questions by adding them in the comments section below:

What is the key issue you think we should be discussing in relation to progress towards EfS in Australia?

Which point articulated by Prof Scott resonated with you? 

What has worked well for you when implementing EfS in Australian tertiary education?


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