EfS Linking and Leveraging

These materials emphasise the ‘linking and leveraging’ strategies required to develop an effective EfS network and practices in the tertiary education sector. These comprise of:

A. 2 videos by Prof Geoff Scott:

Video 1 - outlines the framework for developing an EfS network and current international developments.

Video 2 - outlines a background on previous research in relaiton to networking and some effective stratgeis for networking and how to identify critical success factors to know the network is effective.

B. Accompanying keynote notes.


  • Efs Network notes outline
  • EFS Video 1
  • EfS Video 2
  • These resources can be downloaded by members of Learning and Teaching Sustainability. Consider registering to be part of this community of practice

Intended Audience and Usage

These can be used to inform thinking regarding the development of networks to support EfS and as strategies in general to develop networks. 


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