Broken Food System Wicked Problem

The 'Broken Food System' wicked problem brief was developed in partnership between Oxfam's Design for Change Initative and the UTS Business School. The brief outlines the principles of the Oxfam GROW method and challenges students to focus on one of three target markets to determine a solution that may be a campaign for social change or market based social enterprise concept. 

Special Contributors through and

Sophie Weldon, Oxfam's Design for Change Coordinator

Melita Grant, Food Justice Community Engagement Coordinator

Clancy Moore, GROW Campaign Coordinator


  • Broken Food System Brief (PDF, 229.2 KB) Download

Intended Audience and Usage

Embedded within a first year business subject the brief was explored through a series of lectures and interactive workshops where students worked together in small teams to devise their solution to the brief. The workshops followed a process of creative thinking, design led inquiry to explore the needs of the target market, and finally a staged development of a 'business model'.

The brief could easily be adopted to fit within various other disciplines such as the social sciences, natural sciences or design. 


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