2020 - Vision for a Sustainable Society

2020 - Vision for a Sustainable Society

A book from the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI)

Bringing together leaders from academia, business and government, this book focuses on practical steps that can steer Australia towards sustainability. In suggesting twenty actions by 2020, it provides a map to a more sustainable future − in a society that is healthier and happier but not radically different to what we enjoy today. This book aims to provide Australians with answers to the burning question of the 21st century: ‘Where to from here?’


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Intended Audience and Usage

Chapters include useful reference materials for teaching across the following:


Population - Rebecca Kippen and Peter McDonald
Equity Helen - Sykes
Consumption -  Craig Pearson
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change -  David Karoly
Energy - Peter Seligman 

Ethics Craig -  Prebble
Culture - Audrey Yue and Rimi Khan
Awareness and Behaviour - Angela Paladino
Local Matters Matter - Kate Auty
Public Wisdom -  Tim van Gelder
Mental Health - Grant Blashki
Disease - Peter Doherty
Corporate Sustainability - Liza Maimone
Governance - John Brumby
Natural Resources:

Ecosystem-Based Adaptation - Rodney Keenan
Water - Hector Malano and Brian Davidson
Food - Sunday McKay and Rebecca Ford
Zero Carbon Land - Use Chris Taylor and Adrian Whitehead


Changing Cities - Peter Newman and Carolyn Ingvarson
Affordable Living - Thomas Kvan and Justyna Karakiewicz
Built Environment -  Pru Sanderson
Infrastructure - Colin Duffield
Transport - Monique Conheady
Adaptive Design - Ray Green
Handling Disasters - Alan March

Twenty Actions:

Craig Pearson


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