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UTS has a strong commitment to sustainability across all of the University's core areas of Research, Teaching and Learning, Campus Operations and Community Engagement. The UTS Sustainability Strategy 2012 – 2015 ensures that sustainability is fully integrated across the University. We pride ourselves on the trans-disciplinary nature of our teaching and research and this manifests itself though initiatives such as our flagship Institute for Sustainable Futures, the Climate Change Research Cluster, and the Centre for Technology in Water and Waste Water. The City Campus Master Plan is a $1billion, ten year upgrade of our campus with sustainability principles at its core. The Dr Chau Chak Wing and Broadway buildings (under construction), and the Thomas Street building (currently in the design phase) are all targeting 5 star Green Star certified Design ratings under the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). UTS is a member of the GBCA. Operationally, as part of our Australian Technology Network (ATN) commitments, UTS is targeting an 11% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions based on 2007 levels by 2012-13 and a 30% reduction by 2020-21. We have a $9 million program over 3 years to increase the energy efficiency of existing buildings and our sustainability performance continues to improve with annual reductions in electricity, gas and water use. Since 2002 our water consumption has decreased by 28.6%. UTS strives for active collaboration with corporate and community partners and is a member of the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS). We work closely with the City of Sydney to help implement the City's 2030 sustainability vision, collaborating with other CBD property owners as part of the Better Buildings Partnership. Through a broad range of engagement initiatives under the UTS GREEN banner we encourage and support all students and staff to actively participate in sustainability at UTS.

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