Elizabeth Kurucz


Dr. Elizabeth C. Kurucz is Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Management in the College of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph. Elizabeth’s research and writing focuses on organizational change toward more sustainable business practices through exploring a complexity perspective of organizations. Dr. Kurucz has worked and conducted research across private, public and not for profit organizations. Her research and writing in the area of business and sustainability is currently focused on four major themes: sustainability conversations and pragmatism; social learning and multi-sector collaboration; relational leadership and leadership development and; management education for sustainability. Elizabeth’s work has been published in journals such as Management Learning, Business & Society, Human Resource Planning, and in the Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility and The Sage Handbook of Complexity and Management. Her recent book, with Barry Colbert and David Wheeler, is Reconstructing Value: Leadership Skills for a Sustainable World (2013) from the University of Toronto Press.

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