Catherine Baudains


Catherine Baudains is a lecturer in Education for Sustainability at Murdoch University. She has been delivering undergraduate and postgraduate units in EfS since 1998, enabling students to design, implement and evaluate environmental education for sustainability projects. Her research interests focus on developing and examining the effectiveness of environmental education to achieve voluntary changes in human behaviour for sustainability outcomes. Her current research includes work examining: the role of urban gardens for decreasing habitat fragmentation; domestic waste management behaviours; conservation, environmental and lifestyle education programs; agricultural decision making; climate change engagement; evaluation of environmental education; whole system thinking and; EfS in schools in relation to the WA Sustainable Schools Initiative. Catherine is also a project leader of Program 4 (Policies and Action for Woodland and Forest Restoration) for the State Centre of Excellence for Climate Change, Woodland and Forest Health. Catherines voluntary activities contribute to the community in a range of areas. She is: a long standing executive member of the WA Chapter of the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE WA); coordinator of the annual AAEE Catchments Corridors and Coasts program; previously a member of the National Environment Working Group of the Australian Anglican Church; a Strategy Leader for Environmental Responsibility element of the Perth Mission Plan; and was granted life membership of the Murdoch University Environmental Science Association for her ongoing contribution to the student body.

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