Rebecca Cross


Dr Rebecca Cross is a postdoctoral researcher at the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, University of Sydney (USYD). She completed a PhD in 2015 at the Institute of Environmental Studies, University of NSW, which examined the socio-cultural and psychological dimensions of sustainable broadacre farming transformations. Her research interests are founded in rural geography and sociology, with a focus on natural resource management, sustainable agriculture, farming sub-cultures and extension. Rebecca has been involved in the Landcare NSW Inc. led project ‘Communities in Landscapes’, was a primary researcher on the UNSW led cotton historiography project for the Cotton CRC in 2011 and was recently involved in two projects on mining and biodiversity offsets in agricultural landscapes in Mudgee, NSW (Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices, 2014) and the Burdekin, QLD (UNSW, 2014). Rebecca also guest lectures and tutors in Human Geography and Environmental Science at UNSW and Agricultural and Environmental Science at The University of Sydney.

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