Colin Hocking


Colin’s primary role at La Trobe University is to work collaboratively with academic staff on approaches to incorporating the La Trobe Essentials in courses and subjects, with particular focus on the Sustainability Thinking Essential. He has a background that spans across environmental science, ecology and education, and how these come together in the newly emerging discipline of Education for Sustainability (EfS). Colin has an extensive background in working with businesses, councils and community organisations moving to incorporate sustainability education and actions into their spheres of action & influence. This includes being for five years the lead developer and coordinator of the Department of Sustainability and Environment funded “Guide Beside” Professional Development Program for community & council based sustainability educators. Variations on this program have been developed with the Waste Management Association of Australia, the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Victorian National Parks Association and, in an advisory and evaluation capacity, with Moreland Energy Foundation. Colin’s research focuses on the development and evaluation of Education for Sustainability programs and resources, and in particular the transformational nature of EfS in institutional settings. In addition to a background in research into the ecology and management of native grassy ecosystems, he has also been involved in research into the most effective ways of achieving learning-based change towards sustainability.

Teaching Material


    • Curriculum and Academic Developer & Senior Lecturer (Education for Sustainability) at La Trobe Learning & Teaching (LTLT) at La Trobe University