Paul Ehrlich


Paul R. Ehrlich is the Adjunct Professor, School of the Environment, Co-Founder, Sustainability Central at UTS, the Bing Professor for Populations Studies at Stanford University and President of the University’s Centre for Conservation Biology. He is an internationally recognised leader in developing a sustainable environment for future generations and author of over 40 books on butterflies, birds, conservation, environmental policy and evolution over a 50 year academic career with awards and accolades including The John Muir Award of the Sierra Club; The Gold Medal Award of the World Wildlife Fund International; Fellowship with the Royal Society of London; The United Nations’ Sasakawa Environment Prize; The Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement; and The Blue Planet Prize in 1999. Educated as an entomologist, evolutionist, and ecologist, Ehrlich’s research has shown how overconsumption of the rich, the use of dangerous technology, overpopulation and socio-political economic policy have threatened the environmental security of future generations. In 1968 his book The Population Bomb he declared that population growth was outstripping resources and that the earth would not be able to long sustain the human population. Paul remains a relentless crusader for racial, religious and economic justice along with a long term sustainable future.

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