Walter P. Jarvis, EdD


After some 30 years executive experience in industry I undertook doctoral research in management education - motivated primarily with concerns about the educative salience of moral dimensions in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA). That research focused on the prominance given to preparing graduates for the multiple impacts of management decisions on individuals, communities and ecologies - locally and globally. A case study of an Executive MBA program at an Australian Business School was completed just three years before the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), and clearly illustrated justifable concerns about systemic failures of US-Anglo university-based business schools to engage with issues of moral accountability in management practice. This was depicted as a failure of university's public role. The same concerns are clearly evident in Australia today - not least as the "lucky country" slowly begins to question the sustainabillty of the natural resource dependent pre-GFC model of business. I am a Lecturer-Researcher in Managing, Leading & Stewardship at UTS, with research & teaching passions centred on cultivating collaborative practices and profession-like judgement, inspired broadly in terms of Kant's neglected (in English) but highly relevant moral anthropology (the theoretical lens of my pedagogical research). I have an abiding interest in researching pedagogical practices that facilitate enterprise based co-determination/shared ownership & governance - with much to learn from Northern European (German/Denmark/Norway/Finland) social democracies.

Teaching Material