University of New South Wales

At UNSW we are committed to meeting our global and environmental responsibilities. We are working to lead the way in sustainability through everyday living practices, education and research. 

Everyday living and sustainability

Change can only happen when we are all involved. We seek to inspire our staff, students and future leaders by creating a sustainable environment that brings our campus community together to actively achieve our ambitious sustainability goals. We connect people across the University with information and tools to make UNSW more environmentally sustainable and a ‘living laboratory’.

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Leading the way in research and innovation

Our cutting-edge academics and researchers have produced groundbreaking research in many fields and are constantly finding answers to pressing environmental problems. We are developing replicable models that influence higher education, government and the business community.

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Studying sustainability issues at UNSW

Education is shaping the future of sustainability in innovation and everyday living. We offer over a 100+ courses and degree programs with sustainability as the key component at undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

Our academics and researchers are well respected in their fields and are sought out to contribute to global discussions and solutions in the challenge of transitioning to a sustainable way of living.

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