University of Melbourne


The vision for Education for Sustainability at the University of Melbourne is:


To develop graduates who will lead change for a sustainable future


 The University of Melbourne is committed to embedding sustainability in all aspects of its research, teaching and campus operations.

 Since 2006, significant reductions have been achieved in the areas of energy, emissions, waste, water and transport. However, sustainability is now evolving beyond an operational focus to a philosophy underpinning all that we do. While reinforcing efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, it is critical for us also to engage staff and students to become empowered and active advocates for sustainability. The university campuses are being used to undertake research and apply research findings, using the ‘Campus as a Laboratory’. We are establishing the structures and process required to embed Sustainability throughout the curriculum. 

For further information on the University of Melbourne’s commitment to sustainability, please see the Sustainable Campus website at: