Australian National University

The Australian National University

ANU is committed to acting as a world-leader in sustainability research, education and practice.

Campus as Classroom

Sustainability initiatives at ANU not only reduce the environmental footprint of the university, they also offer an interactive classroom where students can learn about sustainability in practice.

ANU is committed to embedding sustainability into every aspect of campus life.  Watch our Campus as Classroom video and find out how you can get involved in campus sustainability.


ANU environmental research opportunities draw on the expertise of academics who are actively engaged in inter-disciplinary research. This represents one of the largest concentrations of expertise devoted to the management, science, economics and policy of environmental issues and resource use in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region, with strong links to research and policy branches of the Commonwealth and State Governments, CSIRO, and community groups.

Study Sustainability at ANU

To study sustainability and the environment at ANU is to study with some of the world's best researchers and academics who are leaders in their respective fields at the cutting-edge of environmental research.

Studying sustainability at ANU focuses on the relationships between environment and society. As well as courses in climate change and the environmental sciences, ANU offers courses that cover the economics of the environment, environmental law, the anthropological and geographical impact on developing countries and much more.

Study options are available at undergraduate and graduate levels including coursework and research programs. For more information, visit the StudyAt website to search by degree program.

The ANUgreen Sustainability Program

ANUgreen is the University's award-winning sustainability program, managed by the Facilities and Services Division. The ANU Sustainability Office, which drives many of the University's environmental objectives, is responsible for the development and implementation of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP). The EMP outlines the University's sustainability targets and implementation strategies to guide environmental management to 2015 and beyond. Its unique structure comprising People, Place and Performance draws on more than ten years of experience and outlines a pathway comprising specific targets and strategies to deliver genuine environmental outcomes.