Macquarie University

Macquarie University understands that as institutions of higher learning we play a leading role in training the leaders, professionals and policy-makers of the future. We also consume significant resources here on campus. We ask you to use this website as a means to find out more about sustainability and what you can do to improve your own and Macquarie's sustainability performance.

A sustainable organisation is one that operates in ways that avoid compromising the ability of future generations to access resources that we now take for granted. It is an organisation committed to understanding its impacts on society and the environment, while working to benefit each.

Over time, we have come to understand that sustainability is not a program, nor even a set of priorities. Rather, it requires changes to our way of thinking, decision-making and to our actions. At Macquarie, we have acknowledged this and are seriously beginning to challenge our organisational patterns, attempting to work across structures and embody the principles of sustainability into all that we do - from the way we construct our buildings to our management practices and processes. We have achieved much, but more remains to be done.

Macquarie University is in a great position to bring about the cultural change required to become more sustainable thanks to the enthusiasm and support of students and staff. The best way to ensure this support continues is to be seen to be taking sustainability seriously at all levels.