Griffith University

Griffith University is one of Australia’s fastest growing Universities and among the top ten research institutions nationally; a multi campus University serving communities from the Brisbane CBD to the Gold Coast.   

The University’s commitment to the principles of sustainability has been present since the establishment of the University.  Griffith was the first Australian University to offer an Environmental Science degree and now offers over fifty graduate and postgraduate degree qualifications with a focus on sustainability. Interdisciplinary collaboration brings together sustainability themes within courses and programs from business, engineering, urban planning and environmental science among others.

One of the five key goals identified in the University’s Strategic Plan is for Griffith University “To be a sustainable university”. Griffith’s Sustainability Plan 2013 – 2015 is a strategic statement that articulates the corporate commitment to sustainability for day to day operational practice as well as teaching programs, research activities, community engagement and partnerships with other parties.

The Sir Samuel Griffith Centre represents a capstone project in Griffith’s history as a leader in environmental science.  This 6 Star Green Star Building, completed in July 2013, provides Griffith with a unique opportunity to highlight the commitment to sustainability. The Sir Samuel Griffith Centre integrates business, engineering and environmental science disciplines in a building which encourages and promotes active collaboration of key stakeholders working on key themes of sustainability.

The EcoCentre on the Nathan campus is an internationally recognised centre of environmental education and community engagement that has had over 170,000 members of the local, national and international community visit it since its opening in 2001. The University also hosts the Secretariat of the Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS) in the EcoCentre.