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AIM to SustainThe Pursuit of Prosperity and Longevity.

AIM to Sustain sounds good, but it happens to be fundamental to the way we do things. It’s how we interact, how we innovate, how we teach and share, and how we learn.

And there’s a lot more to it than remembering to turn off the lights. It’s a holistic approach to business that not only incorporates environmental sustainability, but social and economic sustainability as well.

AIM to Sustain is the pursuit of prosperity and longevity. It’s about looking outwardly, embracing the community and world in which we live, and adapting to new ideas. It is positive interaction, continually evolving to meet the demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Economic Sustainability

The amount of emails on your computer, the volume of work on your desk, the demands on your time; these are the pressures of the now - not a measure of Economic Sustainability.

Economic Sustainability is achieved through a holistic approach to business, where interaction with your community and an awareness of your environment play critical roles.

Advocating best practice, sharing knowledge and ideas, and establishing environmental guidelines help create a positive work environment. Your business remains relevant, and the integrity of your brand grows.

Environmental Sustainability

The environment, being green, carbon neutral (or, if you can, carbon negative); these are the first things that come to mind when we hear the word sustainability. And, no doubt, they are an integral part of the success of every forward-thinking company.

Environmental initiatives can inspire employees, involve communities, and even have a global impact. They engender loyalty to a company and add value to a brand.

However, Sustainable Development is more than just being environmentally aware. Social Responsibility and sound Financial Management contribute significantly to the longevity and integrity of a business.

Social Sustainability

Creating a safe and fair work environment, interacting positively with the community, encouraging a culture of inclusion and support; these are attributes of Social Sustainability.

The affects are pleasantly surprising; increased productivity, greater loyalty and brand integrity. When people feel included and supported - both individually and as a community - they become motivated and enthusiastic, and contribute meaningfully to their environment.

Social Sustainability works alongside Economic and Environmental Sustainability. It is a holistic approach with a 'whole list' of benefits.