MAJ03429 Water Engineering

One of today's most prominent challenges, both on a global and a local scale, is the scarcity of water. The dwindling supply of water is being caused by factors such as population growth, climate change, poor investment in infrastructure, and management problems. Water engineers are looking for solutions to this water crisis as well as working on other important issues such as protecting ecosystems, and improving rural and urban environments.

Water engineers and managers now require a much broader understanding of water issues. The purpose of this major is to provide engineers and scientists with expert, up-to-date knowledge in the fields of water resources management, hydraulics, and hydrology in both urban and rural environments. It is intended to enable students to update their expertise, to appreciate the environmental implications of water schemes, and to develop management skills.

There has been a major shortage of water engineers both in Australia and abroad over the last decade so employment opportunities are vast. There are jobs available in local councils, state and federal government, non-government organisations, small and large consultancies as well as large multinational firms.

This major is mostly suited to applicants who have an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, however applicants with a background in other fields of engineering and/or applied science may also apply.

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