Sustainability & Urban Development

At Karlshochschule International University you will learn how to rethink and transform management practice with our master program on "General & Transformative Management". We approach management as an interdisciplinary phenomenon, focusing on people and their interrelationships from a social and cultural sciences point-of-view. Within this framework, we have developed a specialization on "Sustainability & Urban Development" in which you will investigate the transformative potentials of sustainability for cities and metropolitan regions as real-life laboratories and experimental hotbeds for bottom-up sustainable transitions. In learning to approach, analyze, critically reflect, and experience the multiple facets of sustainability in 'smart cities' at the crossroads of technical and social innovation this area of specialization will enable you to manage the opportunities of new forms of urban-based business in a 'glocalized' economy under conditions of resource constraints, climate change, cultural diversity, and pressures on social inclusion. Curious? Find out more at or contact Prof. Dr. André Reichel, Professor for Critical Management & Sustainable Development at

Teaching Material for this course