MAJ01106 Environmental Biology

This major focuses on the foundation components of the natural systems, how these systems work, and how detrimental impacts on them can be assessed and recovered.

Core study areas include population ecology of terrestrial, marine coastal and freshwater systems, interaction of plants, animals and micro-organisms in land and aquatic environments.

Students gain a thorough understanding of the way living organisms function in terrestrial and aquatic environments. They acquire skills to detect and assess detrimental effects on their function and the environment through a dynamic combination of theory, laboratory experience and field trips.

This major places strong emphasis on field trips to places such as the Snowy Mountains, the NSW outback, Heron Island and the Great Barrier Reef.

Professional recognition: Australian Institute for Biology, Australian Ecological Society, Australian Society for Plant Physiology, Australasian Society for Ecotoxicology, Australasian Marine Science Association.

Teaching Material for this course