Climate Change Science & Policy in Practice

The course builds on the theoretical understanding of the complex issues that need to be addressed in adapting to and mitigating climate change, and the international policy processes to address climate change, developed in ENVS3020 (Climate Change Science & Policy). With an emphasis on integrating formal learning with first-hand experience, the course is conducted at the ANU during the United Nations Climate Change Conference and associated Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (CoP). Work during the course includes engaging with selected themes represented in webcasts of negotiations, conference sessions, workshops and side events; analysing formal and informal media coverage of the Conference; and interacting with policy makers, lobbyists, NGOs and scientists involved in the process. Interactions occur via online links to participants in the Conference, and in person with key experts in Canberra. Themes addressed at recent conferences include technology transfer for adaptation, ethical issues in climate change, adaptation financing, reducing deforestation and associated emissions, adaptation barriers for least-developed countries, biodiversity and climate change, energy efficiency, and the role of young people in climate change action. The course will be held during the UNFCCC Conference in November 2013.

Teaching Material for this course