Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental Engineering)/Bachelor of Business Management

This program will equip you with the necessary managerial skills needed to run complex projects smoothly, a quality highly valued by employers. You will graduate with a solid foundation in engineering principles as well as all areas of business management.

The Environmental Engineering discipline has a strong interdisciplinary focus on formulating solutions to environmental problems and developing innovative strategies and technologies for a sustainable future.

As a graduate, you will be equipped with knowledge and skills in planning, design and management of projects associated with environmental protection and the managerial skills needed to run complex projects smoothly which are qualities highly valued by employers.

This program will provide you with enormous opportunities as an environmental engineer and skilled business manager ro find appropriate solutions to existing environmental problems. It combines a set of core skills in engineering design in relation to the quality of land, water and air with core management skills such as accounting, financing, employment relations and government/business relations, which are supported by aspects of environmental sciences and management.

Teaching Material for this course