95588 Research and Global Sustainability

Global sustainability will be the driving force changing the way we work and live in the 21st century; a primary focus in our intellectual and material work, as well as in our collective and individual lives. Demands for greater accountability and transparency are increasing for government, corporations and civil society, particularly in the context of the knowledge economy, with significant ramifications for the accepted norms of R&D, including scientific merit, technological advancement and research integrity. Globalisation, revolutions in communication and information, increased environmental and social awareness are pressing leaders, citizens and communities alike to view the future in very different ways.

This subject deals with a number of key principles and practices relating to global sustainability, which are part of an R&D manager's activity and operating context. Global sustainability will be viewed as a case study of an emergent field in R&D, against the background of R&D's historical and ongoing responsibility for many of the phenomena requiring amelioration under the global sustainability agenda.

Teaching Material for this course