89121 Sustainability, Design & Creative Futures: Spatio-Temporal Shifts

Different cultures inhabit space and time in very different ways. The inherited spatio-temporal dispositions that shape our world dispose us to particular pleasures; attune us to particular kinds of beauty; make possible particular modes of knowing and particular kinds of production. The spatio-temporal not only configures everyday practices, cares and striving, but significantly impacts the wider ecologies in which we participate. Unsustainable modes of inhabiting our world are currently held in place by the spatio-temporal dispositions that dominate contemporary globalised cultures.

This studio looks at the role played by different design disciplines in the production and reproduction of particular modes of spatio-temporal experience, whether the disciplinary focus is the body, equipment, communication, interaction, environment, systems or services. The power of design to shift the ways we inhabit time and space, and the implications of such shifts for sustainability, are explored through studio projects.

Teaching Material for this course