76041 Climate Law & Carbon Markets

This subject examines climate change, which is one of the most pressing environmental problems of our era. It is a major business issue that is affecting law, policy and corporate behaviour. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said that to avoid irreversible harm to the planet, we must stabilise greenhouse gas emissions, and this will involve a significant and rapid reduction in 'business as usual'. It will involve unprecedented cooperation at the international level as well as innovative national responses. This subject examines the potential role of the international and policy communities as well as the legal and business communities in confronting climate law. It analyses the existing and emerging legal rules and frameworks, both internationally and in Australia, the impacts of these on business and the response from industry. It critically evaluates the incentives for firms to comply and over-comply with environmental laws and participate in voluntary programs, and examines the role of business in adaptation measures and climate justice issues.

Teaching Material for this course