48860 Pollution Contol and Waste Management

The main objective of this subject is to provide the opportunity to understand the principles of pollution control and waste management in modern society. The subject develops an understanding of air and noise pollution control technologies, as well as better product or process design to mitigate the problems of air and noise pollution both in the automobile industry and other manufacturing industries. It also begins to tackle the problems of solid and hazardous waste minimisation, generation, treatment and disposal. Topics include solid waste characterisation, generation and composition analysis, development of optimum collection routing networks, transfer stations, design, operation and maintenance of sanitary landfills, and related social and environmental issues; hazardous waste generation, regulatory process, process information, toxicology, design of treatment and stabilisation methodologies, methods of disposal and related environmental issues, community perspective and education; soil contamination, chemical, biological and thermal remediation methodologies, site characterisation, planning, monitoring, containment and case studies; air pollutants and their types, sources, generation, measurements and estimations. Other topics include: control of the generation of specific air pollutants from the projects such as wastewater treatment works and waste management disposal sites. Some aspects of noise pollution and its control are also covered.

Teaching Material for this course