48350 Environmental & Sanitation Engineering

This subject introduces civil engineering students to basic environmental concepts and the environmental consequences of typical engineering activities. It applies material learnt in 48210 Interrogating Technology: Sustainability, Environment and Social Change and 60101 Chemistry and Materials Science to real-life situations encountered during planning, designing and implementing civil engineering projects. The subject helps students: develop an awareness of environmental issues; understand the implication of certain processes such as construction within a natural system and to become familiar with both preventive and management strategies to minimise air, water, soil and noise pollution; become familiar with the main aspects of environmental legislation; and understand concepts and design of water pollution control mechanisms.

The main topics are environmental issues and their importance; pollution due to man-made activities, their types and their effect on natural ecosystems; an introduction to local and global environmental problems; environmental legislation and the importance of conducting environmental impact assessment; problems of waste generation and principles of landfill management; generation and management of toxic wastes; contaminated sites and their remediation; concepts of water pollution control; design of water and wastewater treatment works; and project case studies emphasising environmental issues.

Teaching Material for this course