013161 Popular Education and Social Movement

The subject is designed to provide students with an understanding of the role of popular education in social movements. The subject will introduce different theoretical perspectives about the nature of social movements and the mediating role popular education plays in recruiting members, mobilizing resources and building alliances etc; this is intended to help current and future practitioners and researchers to build upon their knowledge of social movements (gained on the ground through personal experience and/or through previous study) by developing a broader understanding of their contexts, constituencies and strategies.

The subject will cover a number of different topics that students may need to work with as practitioners and researchers; drawing upon case studies and work-based projects these may include and are not limited to: competing theories of social movements and educational change, organisational forms and protest, popular education and critical pedagogies, teaching for defiance, activist education methods, techniques and tools including new participatory technologies and social networks, power relations in the production of knowledge, the role of culture, identity, and the emotions, approaches to violence and non-violence, and the role of civil society and the state.



Teaching Material for this course