Curriculum Award

Enter now to win a prestigious Green Gown Award in conjunction with the Office of Learning and Teaching are proudly sponsoring the Green Gown Australasia award in 2014.  

This award recognises achievements in education for sustainability in undergraduate, postgraduate and vocational courses in tertiary education institutions. Examples of possible application topics include:

  • effective integration of sustainability principles and/or practices within and across disciplines and courses, especially those not traditionally engaged with sustainability;
  • the development of new courses focused on sustainability issues;
  • use of practical sustainability-related projects or other practical activities within courses including work-based learning initiatives.

Applicants must demonstrate continued achievement through a holistic approach, connecting to EfS principles relevant to the course. Further guidance on the suggested principles for EfS can be found via

Applications must be submitted online at the Green Gown website. Complete details regarding the awards and the entire listing of award categories can be found on the Green Gown website. 

Start preparing your award entry today as you must have submitted your application by 4pm on Tuesday 5th August. Contact the team at if you need help with your application.

When you apply you should add a link to the teaching materials you have posted on this site as evidence of your eligibility for the award. You can link your teaching materials to your application via the following steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to
  3. Open the teaching material you would like to submit for the award
  4. Cut and paste the unique URL for this teaching material on your application for the award on the application form

If you don’t yet have your teaching materials on the Learning and Teaching Sustainability website, register on the site.

Below is a video outlining the key features of the award winning Griffith MBA.