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  "No group of people ever spontaneously erupted into a network ... development of Education for Sustainability (EfS) in Tertiary   Education must be led and deftly ... This will require: listening, linking, leveraging, then leading."

   (Prof. Geoff Scott, Keynote at a National Forum on EfS in Tertiary Education, Feb. 2014)


This EfS network is focussed on sharing progress and discussing future plans to more effectively embed sustainability into tertiary curriculum. An intended outcome is to enable a decision making process to develop a forum, stream or roundtable for the AAEE and ACTS conferences, in Hobart in late 2014. An important step in this process was participation in the National Symposium on October 15th, 2014.


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Linking and Leveraging  

2014 Symposium for Building a National Network of Tertiary Sustainability Education Practitioners


This was the second national symposium for tertiary EfS practitioners. In 2013 we focused on ‘listening’ and this year the emphasis is on ‘linking and leveraging’ to develop effective EfS networks and practices in the tertiary education sector.

The purpose of the symposium was to:                

  •    Build tertiary EfS networks;
  •    Identify themes and actions to maximise member engagement;
  •    Pilot networking hubs;
  •    Disseminate outcomes from hub activities;
  •    Prepare a practitioner hand-book for national distribution.                                       

The interest group hubs established so far are:                           

  •    EfS in Pre-service teacher education

  •    EfS in Business Education

  •    Campuses and Communities as sites of EfS

  •    Professional Development for EfS

  •    Identification and Auditing EfS
  •    Engineering

There was also interest expressed in developing additional groups such as Early Childhood Education, Transdisciplinary learning and Climate change education.




Pre-Symposium Keynote - 2 short videos on ‘linking and leveraging’ by Prof Geoff Scott

Two videos by Professor Geoff Scott addressing the key strategies and aims of this EfS network must be viewed prior to attending the symposium.

Professor Scott is an influential thinker and organizer for sustainability in tertiary education in Australia and Internationally. He is lead author of the TurnAround Leadership for Sustainability In Higher Education Report


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