About This Community

Funded by the Federal Government’s Office for Learning and Teaching, this site is currently coordinated by a team of academics from the Business School at the University of Technology, Sydney and the Institute for Sustainable Futures. You can read more background information about the development of this site.

Our goal is to make Education for Sustainability (EfS) accessible, to build synergy between educators and to grow this community of practice.


Why a community of practice for sustainability education?

We know that many educators are passionate about sustainability.

You might be incorporating sustainability into the courses you currently teach as well as developing new courses dedicated to sustainability. Often you may be working alone and recreating the wheel, thinking up class exercises and ways to engage students with sustainability. Community is a big part of sustainability, wouldn't our work be better and easier if we work together?

We have redesigned this site to be a portal for a community of practice in sustainability education based on sharing of best practice. There are plenty of ways to get involved:

+ As an educator or change maker working at a tertiary education institutue in Australia you can participate in the community of practice

+ Join in active discussions around special interest groups we call sub-communities


Who to contact if you need help or further information?

This site is currently managed by University of Technology Sydney and the Institute of Sustainable Futures. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, contact us.

In the spirit of community!

Many thanks from,

Suzanne Benn, Melissa Edwards, Tamsin Angus-Leppan and Rosemary Sainty.