Sustainability Issues

Sustainability is making decisions that do not have negative consequences for either current or future generations. Under this broad definition, sustainability impacts on a wide range of ecological and human issues, from the preservation of natural resources to a commitment to human and societal wellbeing. The sustainability issues covered here are a starting point for the organisation of issues that are incorporated into sustainability education. However, they are not definitive and your input is welcome in refining and contributing to these issues. Please contact us if you would like to contribute content to the issues pages featured on this site, or if you would like to suggest edits to the current list of issues. With your input, over time, each issue page will become a vibrant repository of knowledge and resources for teaching.  

Featured Sustainability Issue 

Energy Efficiency


freefotouk / / CC BY-NC

According to the World Energy Council, Energy efficiency refers to a reduction in the energy used for a given service or level of activity. Energy efficiency is interpreted differently from different perspectives. It is generally expressed as the ratio of benefit gained to the energy used where the ratio may be thought of as in physical output/ input or monetary input/output terms, depending on whether the focus is engineering or economic. Primary energy inputs are from oil, natural gas, renewables and nuclear. 

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