Human Rights and Indigenous Issues

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Human rights are due to all human beings whatever their religion, race and other status. They include include a number of interdependent rights such as right to life, equality before the law and freedom of expression; the rights to work, social security and education , and the right to development and self-determination. 

Indigenous issues involve closing the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and other Australians in terms of health and well being. They include issues of early childhood, schooling, health, healthy homes, economic participation, safer communities and governance and leadership. 

Human Rights and Indigenous Issues Teaching Resources

Guide to UN Declaration on Rights of Indigenous People

The new Guide follows the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2007. The Declaration elaborates internationally recognized human rights of indigenous peoples, both individually and collectively. 


Business and Human Rights Case Studies

These webpages of the UN Global Compact provide case studies about efforts by companies to integrate human rights principles into their business practices.

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Business and Human Rights Tools and Resources

The UN Global Compact strives to bring more clarity to this field by highlighting the relevance of human rights for business, demonstrating the business case for human rights, emphasizing practical solutions and pointing to useful tools and guidance materials. The Human Rights and Labor Working Group also produces Good Practice Notes and case studies that identify approaches that have been recognized by a number of businesses and stakeholders as being good for business and good for human rights. This activity is in keeping with the goal of showing that advancing human rights is not just about managing risks and meeting standards and expectations; it can also be about realizing new opportunities for sustainable growth.

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is the only non-profit organization drawing attention to the human rights impacts (positive & negative) of over 5100 companies, operating in over 180 countries.