Education for Sustainability

The emergence of Education for Sustainability continues to evolve. Education for Sustainable Development grew from a history of Environmental Education. Education for Sustainability links environmental, social and economic thinking with an expanded emphasis now on holistic thinking, futures, and ecological and social justice.  This develops the knowledge, competencies and worldviews necessary for people to contribute to more sustainable patterns of living for all species. Education for Sustainability aims to be transformative, of people and human thinking, drawing on systemic thinking, collaboration, ethics and values, critical thinking, and life-long learning.


To kickstart the network an online sypmposium was held in October, 2014.The focus of that sypmosium was Linking and Leveraging based on Professor Geoff Scott's work on Leadership for sustainability education. The key questions are outlined below. There will be another symposium in April 2015.

Linking & Leveraging for Sustainability Education: 

Click here for photos and feedback on the symposium and the tertiary EfS Network.

Education for Sustainability Teaching Resources

Turnaround Leadership for Sustainability in Higher Education

Universities play a central role in addressing key challenges of social, economic and environmental sustainability. For this role to be delivered effectively it is critical to identify not only what strategies are most productive but also how to ensure they are successfully led and implemented. This project seeks to apply the proven change leadership framework developed in the ALTC's 'Learning Leaders in Times of Change' project to the distinctive area of effective turnaround leadership for sustainability in higher education.


Geoff Scott, Daniella Tilbury, Leith Sharp, Elizabeth Deane
University of Western Sydney
 ANU, Sustainable Futures Academy (Salzburg)
  • Final Report 
  • Executive Summary
  • Recommendations
  • Coordinator's Resource 
  • Dean and HOD's Resource