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Community development refers to the values, skills and practices that empower communities of all kinds to participate in change that will benefit their lives.

Community Development Teaching Resources


Owning Adaptation in the Pacific - Oxfam 2012 Report

Pacific Island peoples are already feeling the effects of climate change. Living in one of the world’s most vulnerable regions to climate impacts, Pacific communities face no option but to adapt if they are to build a resilient future. But adaptation poses different challenges from aid programmes and the delivery of public services.

Although climate change is a global issue, its risks and impacts are felt locally, across all levels of society. This means new resources are urgently needed to support Pacific governments to lead a multi-sector response that includes accountability at all levels, bottom-up approaches and integration of traditional understanding of environmental change.

This research aims to contribute to the ongoing debate among Pacific Island countries, and the international community more generally, on ways to strengthen national governance of the funding used for adaptation in the Pacific region.

The research was supported by the British High Commission, and the resulting report, Owning Adaptation in the Pacific: Strengthening governance of climate adaptation finance, was launched at the Pacific Islands Forum by the United Kingdom’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) along with Oxfam New Zealand’s Executive Director Barry Coates, and Pacific government representatives.

Download report and resources here. 

Global Change Institute (UQ) - Climate Roundtables

Southeast Queensland (SEQ) is the fastest growing region in Australia, with rapidly increasing population, demand for water and power and changing patterns of land use.  SEQ is likely to become hotter and drier over the next few decades. Storms and rainfall are likely to intensify and the sea level will continue to rise. Climate extremes place further pressure on already constrained resources, endanger biodiversity, damage infrastructure and threaten lives and livelihoods. Climate Roundtables is a project designed to overcome lack of public participation and whole-of-system thinking in much climate adaptation work.

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